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Today was a good day. Which is a big deal, for me. It's weird. I've had my depression under good control for the past year or so, but it still feels. . .it feels strange to have very good days again. It takes some getting used to, honestly, because there's still that sense of worry in the back of my mind that the good feelings are only temporary and that tomorrow might be a crashing chandelier of misery. The likelihood of that occurring is very slim, nowadays, but it became the norm for me for such a long time. I'm still trying to get into the habit of being happy again.

Good things that happened today:

I looked nice. My hair wasn't great, but it was passable, and the rest of my outfit looked good. I've started wearing camis and jackets, and it still feels a little strange to have so much of my upper chest exposed after wearing T-shirts and turtleneck sweaters for the past couple years. It's gonna sound trashy, but I kinda like being able to show a bit of cleavage from time to time. I bothered to put on makeup today, which I am endeavoring to do more regularly, as I feel more comfortable in it and people like me better in it. I'd say oh woe, our society is so short-sighted and judgmental, but I honestly don't think it's that big of a deal. People take note of the way you present yourself, and makeup is part of the presentation--same as shaving is for guys. A woman who hasn't taken the time to apply makeup is going to look unprofessional, just as a man who skipped shaving will. Not a big deal, but it does make a world of difference.

And speaking of looking nice, I saw Aaron and his wife at the mall. I waved and said hi, Aaron and I exchanged pleasantries, and then they went into Quiznos. I stood around waiting for my friends to get there. Aaron's wife, April, came out and said hi to me again, saying that I looked nice and she didn't recognize me before. I laughed. It's kind of fun, I think.

I got to study with Shiloh for a while. Now, don't get me wrong, studying biochemistry is zero amounts of fun, but Shiloh is quickly becoming one of my best friends. I feel really comfortable around him, and he's funny and sweet and is easy to talk to. And today I kind of surprised myself by doing something that I haven't done for. . .well, for years, probably. I got playful and started mock-arguing. I'm really not sure why I feel so at ease with Shiloh, but I do, and it's just terrific. We talked a bit after studying about our plans to run a Farmer's Market stall; he's going to sell ice cream and snowcones, and I'm going to sell homemade candy and sweets. It is going to be awesome--and I might even make a little bit of money! Huzzah!

After that, I went to a fancy-pants dinner with my friend Kaylee and some of her friends. It's fancy-pants because everyone is supposed to dress up for no good reason. I was still in my normal clothes, but I looked pretty nice. We went to a buffet. I think buffet restaurants really bring out the mischievous side in me. The person sitting next to me, Dan, complained early on about how he doesn't like the taste of sweeteners. Kaylee had talked about Dan before, so I had a kind of sense for the type of person he was. He turned his head away to talk to another dinner-mate for a minute, and I quickly dumped a packet of sweetener into his water. He took a sip and said "This water tastes funny." He passed it over to Bo, who agreed that it tasted odd. Dan asked if it tasted like sweetener. At that, I couldn't hold a straight face. Dan seemed to get a kick out of it (and switched his water with the person next to him when she wasn't looking). At a later point, the girl across from me had a dumpling on her plate and told me to make sure the waiters didn't take it away. As soon as she got out of view, I grabbed her plate and handed it to Dan, who hid it--he was already reaching for the plate, as I think we had the same idea. The girl got back and shook her head at me. I solemnly swore that the waiters didn't take the plate, and she eventually got her dumpling back. I don't think she really took it well, though. Sad. I still think it was funny. Like I said, though, buffet restaurants bring out the worst side of me, or at least the pranking side. XD

This is all really just some slice-of-life fluff, but. . .I like the fluff. I think the best parts of life are the fluffy ones. Today was just a typical day, if I think about it--but it feels special to me.
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