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Canis Biggus seems to be working on a "project."

So a little bird told me about this new website.

Good to see that googling "Worlds of the Crystal Moon" brings up something other than my spork. However, I gotta say that this is the ugliest website I have ever seen in my life.

The "About the Author" section is. . .well, frankly, it's way too personal a story. An author's blurb shouldn't be about childhood abuses. There's a time and place for talking about those things, and it's not on your book's promotion website.

I think I'll end up sporking the whole website proper (because there's so much there that needs to be snarked) but I'll hold off for a while. Maybe they'll fix it up so it doesn't burn my eyes.

Oh, and the "Augmented Reality" thing? This is what it is. Super exciting. I gotta love how you have to have a tablet or smartphone in order to get that aspect of it. That's not going to alienate anyone.

His initial Kickstarter bid is threatening to be $100K dollars. Um, sorry, no. Have fun getting no money from that, as there is no way you'll be able to meet the goal. There are very few KS that breach 100K, and they've got a lot more of a fanbase than a crappy self-pub fantasy novel that no one cares about.

There's ambitious projects, and then there's delusion. This is jumping the shark on even Gloria Tesch's shenanigans.
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