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What in the what?

So today I got a rather. . .interesting email from the Oversized Canine today:

Hi [Predak],

  Being you're our toughest critic to date, we thought we would share a ROUGH DRAFT of the new kickstarter video we have produced and please ask for your comments. We have no doubt [Predak], you will have some interesting comments so don't hold back we want to hear them all.

The theory here is to encourage kids to read and embrace reading and reading comprehension thru virtual/physical rewards.  We believe for a person such as yourself this will be a breeze and we will inevitably have to ratchet up the questions considerably; although for the average reader some of these question will be quite difficult and challenging to answer. We are sure you will be able add your own list of questions that will trip up most readers and probably even the most advanced.

This is how it works, at the end of each chapter there will be a series of questions regarding that chapter.  Once you answer the questions correctly you will unlock the the augmented reality and free your baby Dragon, in addition you will be able to participate live via "AR" in that part of the book. Now it's up to you to grow and nurture your baby dragon to maturity. This becomes quite challenging as the books progress but the best readers will eventually prevail. There is so much more to this technology that rests in the book that the readers will have to hunt for and find, only the best of the best will survive!

 WOTCM Kickstarter

       Watch This to understand the future of AR

It's oh-so-very tempting to write an excruciatingly snarky reply to this. I think I'm going to go the straightforward path, though, and tell Big Dog that no, I am not going to do his work for free. I might point out all the problems and flaws I see with this in an amusing fashion to my readers and friends, but I'm not going to willingly be a part of his project, especially if I'm not on the payroll.
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